December 11 is INDIANA DAY!

Our official 200th anniversary of admittance to the Union is upon us!  Hoosier statehood was granted by the U.S. Congress, on December 11, 1816, and we have had a busy year celebrating our Bicentennial Birthday.  Many culminating festivities are planned around the Indianapolis area.  You can check or the Indiana Historical Society’s webpage for a full listing of events.

Even though the holiday falls on a Sunday this year, we hope everyone will remember to celebrate and send up your birthday wishes to the continuing success of our Great Hoosier state!

Indiana Day is a legal holiday in the U.S. state of Indiana commemorating the admission of the state into the Union. It was first instituted in 1925 by the Indiana General Assembly. The Indiana Code directs the governor to issue an annual proclamation to observe December 11 as the day statehood was granted to Indiana by the United States Congress and the state’s admission to the Union. The law also requires state schools to hold appropriate events to commemorate the event and authorizes public celebrations to be held. Historically the day is commemorated in Indianapolis with speeches and events in the Indiana Statehouse.


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