The Pioneer Village was the dream of Everett Dean.  Lyle Yake dismantled the logs and helped to reassemble them.  The first building was the cabin.  It was built in the 1980’s by Dale Marshall and the Salem High School Industrial Arts groups.  Roy Robertson, Pete Hoke, and several Green Thumb men built the buildings.  Some of those were Huey Bishop, Claude Roop, Dale Wheeler and Warren Meadows.

A constant project for the John Hay Center, the Pioneer Village continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The village is a replica of an 1830’s community featuring a jail, blacksmith, school, church, Haganman house, smoke house, barn, bell tower, loom house, and New Philadelphia Post Office and General Store.

At various times during the year, volunteers portray excellent renditions of various community figures such as the blacksmith or loom worker.

The village is located directly behind the Steven’s Museum and is within walking distance of all other attractions. Besides being a step back in time, the pioneer village is an ongoing project for the John Hay Center and will continue to grow for many years to come.

This village is used throughout the year at special times during special occasions. During school tours, open house periods along with the annual Old Settler’s Day weekend. During these special time periods, people can be found in the village appearing with early 1800’s clothing talking with visitors and re-enacting activities.